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Zen And The Art Of Fries.

I’ve always been fascinated by people who are passionately obsessed with what they do, no matter what it is. For these individuals, the pursuit of excellence is highly addictive, they are quality-junkies with an insane attention for details. Typically, they have little interest in entertainment and live in a symbiosis with their obsession; others often admire them but tend to avoid inviting them to parties. Yesterday I went to Ten Katemarkt, a neighbourhood market in the West of Amsterdam, for my grocery shopping. Some veggies and a cone of fries was all I was after, in this unexpectedly sunny Dutch afternoon, but I ended up making an interesting encounter instead – the path to serendipity is unpredictable by definition.

That time I serendipitously discovered club life and started to enjoy it.

I recently enrolled on Toastmasters International. If you are already picturing me graciously rotating a glass of red wine, I am afraid I’m going to burst your bubble. Toastmasters International is a network of clubs that provides a well organised and friendly environment to practice public speaking and improve communication and leadership skills.