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If you choose the love for food over #foodporn, if you believe that cooking and eating are mainly about discovery, joy, and relationship (with nature, people, knowledge, and places), you’ll feel at home in our food community.

My story.

In 2016 I, to be faithful to As Soup As Possible funding concept of food as a means of cultural and community development, I tried to put my money where my mouth was and start meeting my readers face-to-face, in the kitchen and at the dining table.
I created a Meetup group, invited people to learn how to make gnocchi at my place, and finally opened my kitchen to a bunch of beautiful strangers who laid the first stone for a growing food community.

Since then, we’ve had over twenty events in which we’ve been sharing knowledge around different cuisines, ingredients or recipes, sometimes with the contributions of professionals specialising in different foods, from gelato, to cocoa, to Indian cuisine.
Our event format combines education, interaction and good food, in a convivial atmosphere that’s the trademark of As Soup As Possible.

As Soup As Possible events: soup is on!

Join As Soup As Possible Events to discover all our real-life initiatives: from tastings to workshops, to social dinners, factory visits and more.
A recipe or a particular ingredient will bring about personal memories, family recipes, culinary traditions and explorations, as well as nutrition, biodiversity and cross-cultural experiences.

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Fun knowledge sharing, good company and simple pleasures are steady parts of our menus!

Coming up on January 19th:

Guided tour of Feast For The Eyes at Foam.

Join us on a guided tour of Feast for the Eyes – The Story of Food in Photography, the next photography exhibition of Foam, and discover the visual history of food with other readers of As Soup As Possible.
The guided tour is provided by the department of Education of Foam Fotografiemuseum Amsterdam and will be hosted by a professional guide who will help us navigate the history of a photographic genre that’s becoming part of our everyday life.

The tour requires a minimum number of participants. If this number is not fulfilled by December 8th, the event will be cancelled and the tickets refunded in full.

Find out more and get your ticket on the webshop.

Feast for the eyes

Peluquería, Limones, 1979 © Ouka Leele

Coming up on January 26th:

Aperitivo & Sourdough – Giveaway, Chats and Food.

‘ll give you a new year’s resolution that’s worth keeping: start baking your own sourdough bread in 2019!
Even more, I’ll fix you up with my centenary Italian starter, Elvira – so you have no excuses. I’ll give you a taste of what sourdough can do – to support your motivation, and a bread recipe to get you started.
What else can you ask for? Ah, sure: good Italian wine, and new friends who share your same love for the good things in life!

Meet us at Terre Lente, enjoy homemade (vegetarian) food and good wine over aperitivo, and join our sourdough talks.
Needless to say, you’ll be served some of my own sourdough creations.

Find out more and get your ticket on the webshop.

Elvira the starter

Our full event calendar is regularly updated on Meetup and in the events section of As Soup As Possible Facebook page.
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See you at your next event!
DISCLAIMER: I may use wheat, milk, nuts, beans and other allergens in my recipes.
Guests with food allergies or special requests are kindly asked to inform me in advance.
Please note that special requests are not guaranteed until explicitly confirmed via email.

PHOTOS: during As Soup As Possible events, photos and videos may be taken for both internal use and publication. In case you do not wish to appear in my photos, please let me know before the event starts.

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