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Elvira Bakes | Events in Amsterdam

Elvira Bakes is the annual event named after my sourdough starter. It’s a fun opportunity to get introduced to sourdough baking, run in a baking contest, or simply socialize over dinner with other lovers of good homemade food. Eater or home-baker, you don’t need to pick sides! There’s enough of food and fun for everyone. As a home baker and sourdough enthusiast, join the contest to get feedback on your creations and get the chance to win one of the three prizes available. If you’d like to try sourdough baking,┬ácome get your batch of sourdough starter and free advice! If you’re just after good homemade food and good company, join us to taste the creations of home bakers, and cast your vote while enjoying the buffet dinner and the cozy atmosphere. DINNER Elvira Bakes is a fun and unusual social dinner. Even if you have no intention to start baking with sourdough, you can certainly enjoy the buffet dinner, entirely based on quality homemade food, traditional as well original recipes, soups, vegetable dishes and dessert. …