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Chocolate easter eggs

Chocolate Easter eggs workshop.

Forget Easter egg hunts! This year you can make your own surprise chocolate Easter eggs with fellow members of As Soup As Possible food community. We’ll explore the origin of Easter eggs, chat about spring and Easter customs in our respective countries, and make our own chocolate eggs. In Italy, at Easter time people exchange chocolate eggs which contain a surprise. One of the fun parts of making your own egg as a gift is that you can chose a very personal surprise to hide inside it, for your loved ones to discover. This time we’ll meet at Bruno’s, a cozy coffee spot in the Jordaan. Bruno, the owner, will welcome us after closing time, to make us taste his coffee, which he scouts with passion and brews with different techniques. The first cup is included, as well as Bruno’s coffee stories. If you’d like to fill your chocolate egg with a small surprise, don’t forget to bring it along! It will make your egg an even more special gift. All ingredients and materials (including …

Gnocchi Workshop with Lunch for Adults and Kids

Team up with your kid and cook gnocchi al pesto! On March 25th we’re inviting you to create a lovely memory for you and your child, together with a bunch of other cooking families. Uncles and aunts, grandparents, friends, are welcome to join us with their little ones. We will work in pairs (one adult and one child) to make ourselves a simple, healthy and delicious Sunday lunch, during an educational and entertaining food experience. One extra adult and one extra kid per team can join us after the cooking class, to enjoy the food we will have made together. This time As Soup As Possible is collaborating with Bas Vermeulen from SmaakSoldaatjes, to offer you a special cooking experience with your family. Bas specialises in cooking workshops for kids. Together, we will ensure that both the adult and the child components of our cooking team will have a great time cooking together. The main language of this event will be English, but native Italian and Dutch are also spoken, so we are expecting to …

Gelato Maker Massimo Bertonasco

Gelato Maker For A Day | Event in Amsterdam

We are getting ready for yet another wonderful gelato season. What about you?Massimo Bertonasco is an ex businessman turned gelato maker for the love of quality food. He opened his first gelato shop in Amsterdam less than a year ago, yet his cosy, passion-powered ijsfabriek in the Pijp has already established its well-deserved reputation as one of the hotspots for genuine, delicious and downright excellent Italian gelato in town.