If you live in the Netherlands, come join As Soup As Possible for real-life events.

If you choose the love for food over #foodporn, if you believe that cooking and eating are mainly about discovery, joy and relationship (with nature, people, knowledge and places), I think you’ll have a good time with us.
Good food will be the opportunity to touch what food always brings about: personal memories, family recipes, culinary traditions and explorations, as well as nutrition, biodiversity, and the knowledge of food makers, professional cooks and passionate amateurs.
Fun, good company and pleasure are a steady part of our menus!

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Gnocchi workshop. Photo courtesy of

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Wake up and learn about coffee – how it’s made, roasted and brewed – from producers and professionals. Hang out and taste our “high coffee” with sweet and savoury options.

This November, As Soup As Possible teams up with the best coffee spot in the Jordaan and the roasters of its Neapolitan slow roast blend to keep you awake with an all-round coffee experience.

On Sunday, November 26th, you can learn more about the drink that gets you through the day from the people who spend theirs in pursuit of the perfect cup.

Caffé Delizia is a family-run coffee-roastery based in the beautiful Campi Flegrei volcanic area, near Naples.

Chiara and Nicola will join us in Amsterdam to tell us about roasting, its role in coffee-making and the traditional Neapolitan technique, that requires slow-roasting on wood-fire. They will also introduce us to “cuccumella”, the old-style Neapolitan flip pot, and show us how to give it a spicey twist.

Bruno is a true coffee-nerd. He runs one of the best coffee spots in Amsterdam, with passion and unextinguished curiosity. He will teach us the ins and outs of coffee making and tell us about his ongoing scouting for the best beans. We will also learn about alternative coffee-making techniques such as cold brewing.

There will be demos, coffee tastings and “high coffee”: coffee will be paired with a variety of homemade sweet and savoury foods and snacks. The buffet is – as always – vegetarian-friendly.

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